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In her "Off The Record" commentary tonight, Greta Van Susteren offered some free advice for every politician: Stop looking down your nose at Donald Trump for being a reality TV star.

She said that's elitist because millions of Americans watch reality shows, so stomping all over one of the stars may insult those who spend lots of time watching those shows.

Greta said it's also a bit ironic and hypocritical for politicians to criticize Trump's reality TV background, because all politicians are reality stars in some ways.

She pointed out that every day politicians try to attract media attention and get the cameras to follow them.

"Candidates are on camera so much you know their families, you know where they eat, what they eat, you even know their fashion," Greta said. "Candidates may be in denial and think they are not themselves reality TV stars."

"It's time for everyone to admit - especially the candidates - Election 2016 is really, if you think about it, reality TV ... And I confess: I'm enjoying this reality show."

Watch Greta's "Off The Record" commentary above.

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