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We're getting new Fox News polls in this morning from South Carolina, showing Donald Trump with a 13-point lead just 48 hours before the crucial primary. 

The survey of likely Republican primary voters, conducted Feb. 15-17, found Trump at 32% support, Ted Cruz at 19%, Marco Rubio at 15%, Ben Carson and Jeb Bush tied at 9% and John Kasich at 6%.

About one-quarter of those surveyed said they could still change their mind.

Trump's lead shrinks to six points over Cruz when voters' first and second choices are combined.

Overall, 9% listed Trump as their second choice, compared to 16% for Cruz and 17% for Rubio.

Here are some more findings...

Among white evangelicals: Trump 31%, Cruz 23%, Rubio 17%

Among those who are "very conservative": Cruz 31%, Trump 29%, Rubio 14%

Among veterans: Trump 37%, Cruz 22%, Rubio 15% 

Candidate you would "never" support: Trump 39%, Bush 21%, Cruz 19%

In the video above, Bret Baier discussed the new Palmetto State polls with Martha MacCallum. 

Join Bret tonight at 6:00pm ET on "Special Report," where he'll release new Fox News national poll results.

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