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A man who lost his wallet at a Brooklyn concert got a rather extraordinary surprise. 

Reilly Flaherty, 28, says his credit cards and driver's license were mailed back to him after the Feb. 5 Wilco concert. 

But the person who found the wallet explained that they'd be keeping it, along with the cash inside.

“I kept the cash because I needed weed, the metrocard because well the fare’s $2.75 now, and the wallet cause it’s kinda cool. Enjoy the rest of your day," the person explained. 

It was signed, "Toodles Anonymous."

Flaherty told the New York Post that at first he thought it was funny, but now he's angry that he or she stole his money and wallet.

By the time he received the letter, he had already canceled all the cards and gotten a new license.

Flaherty did acknowledge that he had to "respect" the thief's honesty at least. 

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