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A new Quinnipiac University national poll shows Donald Trump maintaining a 20-point lead on Sen. Marco Rubio. 

The survey, conducted Feb. 10-15, found Sen. Ted Cruz a point behind Rubio, with John Kasich, Jeb Bush and Ben Carson trailing Cruz by double-digits.

Meantime, the latest poll out of South Carolina found Trump with a 16-point lead on Cruz, with just a few days to go before the crucial primary. 

Andrea Tantaros weighed in this afternoon on why the GOP candidates have been unable to cut into Trump's lead.

She pointed out that Trump's message continues to resonate with Reagan Democrats and blue-collar white voters who in the past have supported Democrats.

"That's a demographic ... that has been forgotten. They are economically feeling the pain. They feel like they don't have political connections. They feel like they don't have a place," she said. 

Tantaros said the GOP establishment has believed for months that "they know better" and that Trump would eventually fall. 

"He's tapping into this secular populism. He's getting evangelicals. People feel like he speaks for them. ... [The establishment] didn't see him coming and they are embarrassed," she argued.

Radio host Chris Plante said that Trump supporters tell him that the Republican Party is "dead to [them]" because of broken campaign promises.

Watch the full Outnumbered discussion above.

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