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Millions of Americans are keeping financial secrets from their spouses, according to a new report.

A survey from estimates that as many as 13 million Americans have either a secret bank account or a secret credit card their partners don't know about.

But while buying that new pair of shoes might be exciting in the moment, making secret purchases could have harmful consequences for your relationship, warns personal finance expert Chris Hogan.

He laid out some tips on Fox and Friends this morning, including sitting down with your partner to set out your financial goals and allotting the amount of discretionary income you'd let each other spend without having to consult one another.

To work out if you're on the same page financially, first determine if you're a spender or saver, Hogan urged.

“Being united is so essential to have harmony,” he said.

“Don’t have hidden things. Work together, and lay it all out."

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