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On "Hannity" tonight, Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (Ret.) ripped Apple CEO Tim Cook for not cooperating with the FBI in the San Bernardino terror investigation.

Cook is appealing a federal court order that Apple must assist the FBI in hacking the iPhone of one of the terrorists behind the Dec. 2 shooting.

"Tim Cook is a complete phony," Peters said. "This is not about privacy rights of law-abiding Americans. This is about Apple selling a lot of iPhones to really, really bad people around the world."

He said that Cook doesn't want Apple to get a reputation as a company that might help the feds access encrypted devices.

"There’s nothing in our Constitution or Bill or Rights that says that terrorists or crooks or pedophiles have a right to encrypted communication," Peters said.

"Tim Cook would rather sell phones to terrorists than protect the American people. I’m not buying any more Apple products," Peters stated. "This is absolute shameful. The federal government did everything right, got the court order."

"Tim Cook is acting like Hillary Clinton - above the law, better than the rest of us."

Watch the fiery video above.

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