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A "Price Is Right" contestant won big earlier this week, scoring a sports car worth more than $120,000!

As part of the show's "Dream Car Week," San Francisco wedding photographer and mom Francesca Penko was given the choice of pocketing $25,000 or playing the "Spelling Bee" game, with a 2016 Aston Martin Vantage GT Coupe - worth $120,265 - hanging in the balance.

"I think I have to try to get the car," Penko told host Drew Carey.

On a board with 30 tiles, Penko had to pick five tiles at random and hope for one of two things: either that one of the tiles had the word "car" printed underneath or that the individual letters underneath would spell out the word "car."

The very first tile she chose was number 28.

"Because that's my son's birthday," she explained.

Luckily for Penko, when Carey turned that tile over moments later, it indeed had "car" printed underneath.

Watch her ecstatic reaction to winning the Aston Martin in the clip above, starting at about 4:20.

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