Man Caught Drunk Driving Blames It on His 'Beer-Battered Fish'

WATCH: Woman Accused of Live-Streaming Her Drunk Drive from Bar

The Florida woman who became an accidental reality star when she live-streamed herself drunk driving last year has just received her sentence.

24-year-old Whitney Beall gained notoriety in October after broadcasting herself on Periscope driving under the influence.

She pleaded no contest in court, and managed to escape jail time.

But because of her flaunting, the Associated Press reports, prosecutors were sure to hand down a so-called “enhanced” sentence – including 12 months of probation, 150 hours of community service and 10 days of weekend work release.

Beall also lost her license for 6 months.

Police in Lakeland, Florida pulled Beall over that night when concerned viewers saw her video and called 911.

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