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South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley and Marco Rubio went "On The Record" tonight to discuss Haley's endorsement of the Florida senator for the Republican presidential nomination.

Haley explained that she wants a president who's going to fight against the last eight years of President Obama's policies and who's going to hold the GOP accountable.

"Balance our budget, reduce our debt and grow our reserves," Haley said. "And I think Marco Rubio's the man to do that."

Rubio said that with the South Carolina primary just days away, he is very excited to receive Haley's endorsement, because she embodies everything the GOP is meant to embody.

Haley acknowledged that Rubio is currently trailing Donald Trump and Ted Cruz in the polls in her state, but she's going to tell the voters what she believes: that Rubio has the conviction and passion to effect change in Washington.

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