Nikki Haley: Why I'm Endorsing Marco Rubio

Krauthammer: If GOP Field Fails to Consolidate, Trump Will Win Nomination

With three days until the GOP primary in South Carolina, Donald Trump continues to dominate the field. His rivals - and their supporters - have continued their attacks, like Jeb Bush-supporter Sen. Lindsey Graham, who said Trump is "unfit for office."

Tonight on Hannity, Laura Ingraham seized on that comment, saying that personal attacks on Trump contradict claims about wanting to have a substantive argument about the issues.

"Every time Trump gets up in the polls, it’s just more personal attacks," she said.

Ingraham also countered the claim that Trump is unfit for office.

"You can't just keep saying 'Well, he's unfit for office,'" Ingraham said. "Apparently, 38 percent of the public doesn't think that's the case. At some point, are the establishment folks going to come to this realization that maybe it's the policies they've been pushing forward that are unpopular?"

She also praised Trump for spontaneously giving two supporters the podium at a recent rally, a move she said showed "he's willing to trust the people's judgment, willing to trust the people."

One of the men brought on state was an Iraq War veteran who said Trump understands the plight of veterans and is "the only man that’s going to really bring America back."

Watch the segment above.

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