People on social media sort of lost it after Jeb Bush tweeted a picture of a handgun that had his name engraved on it. 

The former Florida governor attached just one word with the tweet: America.

The tweet went out Tuesday afternoon and it generated a huge amount of responses, mostly from jokesters and gun control advocates.

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Meantime, the NY Daily News, in yet another cover mocking Republicans, called the tweet a "desperate" attempt to win votes ahead of South Carolina's crucial primary.

Bush responded this morning on America's Newsroom, saying the gun had just been presented to him by a gun manufacturer in South Carolina after a town hall meeting with employees.

He said his tweet was simply meant to express appreciation for the gift and to highlight his longtime support for gun rights.

"I am an A-plus rated NRA governor. I got to act on my beliefs that the Second Amendment is an important part of our Bill of Rights," said Bush.

Watch Martha MacCallum's full interview with Bush above.

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