Trump: It's a 'Great Compliment' for Obama to Say I Won't Be President

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Tonight on Hannity, Newt Gingrich said that it doesn't look like the Republican establishment will be able to stop Donald Trump in South Carolina on Saturday, or beyond.

The former House speaker said he doesn't foresee any of the major four other candidates dropping out and consolidating to overtake Trump.

"I wish he were a little more presidential,  I think it would be better for him, and it would be better for the country, but I have to say this aggressive, strident style -- he is holding his base together."

Gingrich also said that if Bernie Sanders also wins the Nevada Democratic caucus on Saturday, it will be "a revolution in American politics."

He noted: "The American people are migrating away from the traditional deal-making center, and moving toward two very dramatically different visions of America's future."

He said that a general election with Sanders versus Trump would pit those two visions against each other.

"You could have Bernie promising that he'll eliminate all billionaires, and Trump promising to make all of us a billionaire. And you get to decide which of these two futures do you like better."

Watch the interview above.

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