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For decades, it’s been a symbol of the Golden Age of air travel – home to the iconic American airline, TWA.

But when the airline went bust in the early 2000s, it took its storied white terminal with it – leaving the building empty and abandoned for years.


No longer. A developer is now spending $250 million to readapt the classic terminal, and turn it into a 505-room hotel they hope will recapture the spirit of TWA’s heyday.

Happening Now’s very own Jon Scott – a pilot and self-proclaimed aviation buff – got a special look behind the scenes.


“It’s a spectacular building that welcomed people from 1962 to 2001,” said developer Tyler Morse. “We’re bringing it back to the way it was.”


Jon even got to walk down the same hallway that Leonardo DiCaprio strolled through in “Catch Me If You Can.”


The carpet has even been reupholstered to the exact shade of red used in the old TWA days, Jon noted.

Cocktail waitresses dressed in old TWA uniforms will serve drinks in the lounge.

“We all have become used to getting on a plane, and everybody’s in sweatpants and flip-flops,” said James Steven, program director of redevelopment at JFK Airport.

“This brings you back to a time when it was really special.”

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