WATCH: Hillary Barks Like a Dog While Talking About How Republicans Lie

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On "The Five" today, Greg Gutfeld skewered Hillary Clinton for barking like a dog while making the claim that Republicans are untrustworthy.

He said it's pretty ironic that the Democratic presidential contender barked like a dog while she's the one who's being dogged by everyone over her "rampant fibbery" regarding her private email server and mistreatment of classified intelligence.

To illustrate Clinton's hypocrisy, Gutfeld ran down a long list of her own lies and half-truths, hilariously interspersed with actual barking dogs.

Some of these "greatest hits" included Clinton's claims that she never emailed any classified material, she landed under sniper fire while visiting Bosnia in 1996 and that she never told the family members of Benghazi victims that the 2012 terror attack was instigated by an anti-Muslim propaganda film.

"So there you have it," Gutfeld said. "Every time Hillary opens her mouth, her campaign goes to the dogs."

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