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Eugene Scalia, the eldest son of late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, joined Megyn Kelly tonight to reflect on his father's passing.

Scalia said that his father will be remembered by his family for his humor and warmth.

He added that they like to think that a big part of his legacy is his family - nine children and 36 grandchildren.

Scalia said that his father's work on the Supreme Court is obviously also a key part of his legacy, as he had a very strong view of the role of the Constitution and the court's important - but limited - role.

Despite nasty reaction to the Supreme Court Justice's death by some on the left, Scalia said that he has been struck by all the support his family has received and all the wonderful things that have been said about his father.

Scalia said that his father was never bothered by criticisms of his jurisprudence, because he was primarily concerned with getting it right as a judge.

"Whether people agreed with him or not in the media or elsewhere wasn't really important to him," Scalia said.

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