Larry David's Bernie Steals the Show Again as 'SNL' Mocks Hillary and MSNBC

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Andrea Tantaros said she was struck by President Obama's "hypocrisy" in criticizing Republicans for being obstructionists after his own actions as a senator against Bush-appointed justices.

Tantaros said that when Obama was a senator in 2005, he voted to filibuster Samuel Alito and also voted against John Roberts even though he said he was qualified.

"So now President Obama doesn't want Republicans to follow the rules that he created. So it's highly hypocritical," she said.

Tantaros said that the Republicans should hear who Obama wants to nominate.

"But I think McConnell needs to stand up and do what the Republican Party elected him and put him into power to do, and that is say 'Alright, you like a filibuster so much, President Obama? We'll give you a filibuster.' 60 votes and he'll never get it."

Watch the "Factor" clip above.

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