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Little E.J. Watson may be the youngest person to ever star in a viral internet video. 

That's because he's claiming fame even before he leaves the womb! 

E.J. shocked his mom and dad at an ultrasound when he began punching himself in the head as they watched.

Dave and Vanessa Watson, of Wichita, Kan., shared the clip late last month after going for their 20-week checkup.

They said that the nurse - a 20-year veteran - had never seen anything like it. 

E.J.'s head even jolted backward after the Tyson-esque uppercut. 

The couple told the Fort Worth Star-Telgram that they plan to save the news clippings to show E.J. someday. 

And don't worry, because the couple's doctor told them there was no reason to be worried about an injury, like a concussion, happening inside the womb. 

Read more here, and see the clip above.

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