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A Spanish government worker was about to receive an award for his dedicated service when officials realized that he hadn’t shown up to work for about six years.

According to reports, 69-year-old Joaquín García was employed as an engineer for the municipal water board in the southwestern city of Cádiz.

As of 1996, he was meant to be overseeing a waste water treatment plant.

But it wasn’t until 2010 – 14 years later – that anyone noticed he was gone.

It was only when García was about to receive the award that the deputy mayor asked his former manager about him, according to The Guardian.

The supervisor told him he hadn’t seen his employee in years.

A court later found that García hadn’t been in the office for “at least six years” - though some speculate that it could be as many as 14.

The engineer is also said to have done “absolutely no work” between the years of 2007 and 2010, the newspaper reported.

García admitted to the court that he didn’t show up for work regularly.

But he attempted to defend his actions, claiming that he was sidelined at work and also bullied by his colleagues.

The court last week fined García €27,000 (US $30,110), a year of his post-tax salary.

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