Miracle Toddler Goes Home After Surviving Car Crash Into River

Family Says Pastor's Photo Shows Guardian Angel at Crash Scene

It was an amazing story of survival that made national headlines nearly a year ago.

An 18-month-old girl was found alive in an overturned car 14 hours after it plunged into a frigid river in Spanish Fork, Utah.

First responders, including police officer Tyler Beddoes, said afterwards that a woman's voice was yelling "Help me!" from inside the car. 

In a police video of the rescue, one of the officers can be heard yelling back, "We're helping, we're coming!"

With the car partially submerged in the icy waters, little Lily Groesbeck was found alive, but her mother died in the crash. 

Since Lily's mother, Lynn, had died instantly in the wreck, the cries for help were never explained. 

On Fox and Friends today, Beddoes said the voice was not from a living person, and he has now written about the dramatic series of events in a new book, Proof of Angels.

"It was an adult woman's voice. A calming voice," he said, adding that several other officers heard the same thing.

"When we flipped the car over, there was no other explanation for it, other than an angel. There was no one else there," said Beddoes.

Amazingly, Lily suffered no lasting effects from the traumatic crash, Beddoes explained.

"She's fantastic. A normal two-year-old," he said.

Beddoes said he decided to write the book about the amazing rescue because the experience led him to rediscover his faith in God.

He recalled that his faith had been shaken after responding to the scene of a quadruple-murder, which included two deceased children.

"When this came around, it really changed everything for me. I wondered why I ever doubted Him," said Beddoes.

Watch the interview above and see more on "Proof of Angels," here.

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