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In an exclusive Hannity interview with brothers George W. and Jeb Bush, the former president referred to the 9/11 attacks and how they pertain to the terrorist threat today.

"What troubles me is that the lessons of 9/11 are being forgotten by a lot of people, and that is (that) the human condition elsewhere matters to our national security," Bush said.

He continued: "If we let down our guard against this group of thugs, they will hurt us again."

Bush said he found it "interesting" that foreign policy is a central campaign issue, unlike in the 2000 presidential election.

"I hope the voters take a look at who’s got the clearest-eyed view of the world, and who’s got a plan to deal with those who will do us harm. I’ve looked at Jeb’s plan, I know how solid it is."

Bush also said that ISIS can be defeated, but that the White House needs to set a goal of defeating it.

"Then you call upon the people who know how to help you achieve that goal, that would be the military and intelligence community," he said. "And Jeb respects them, and that’s what you really want."

Watch the full segment below, and see more of Hannity's exclusive interview here.

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