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Donald Trump on Monday doubled down on his criticisms of Ted Cruz, calling out the Texas senator on issues ranging from waterboarding to his Iowa caucus results to illegal immigration.

The billionaire businessman’s town hall in South Carolina comes just days after the ninth Republican presidential debate, where Trump had pointedly accused Cruz of being “a liar.”

He repeated that same line this afternoon.

“He is a liar,” Trump told the audience. “His whole deal is he will lie … and after the election’s over, he’ll apologize.”

“If Iowa had any guts,” Trump continued, Republican caucus leaders would “disqualify him from winning.”

“I really mean it. Because what he did is a fraud,” he said.

Trump also went after Cruz for appearing to fall down on a past debate question on whether the U.S. should be waterboarding suspected terrorists.

“He was fumbling, and mumbling, and stumbling. And he couldn’t answer it,” he said.

He then called Cruz “very weak on illegal immigration.”

“He was an amnesty guy, 100 percent. He’s said it,” said Trump.

Watch the GOP candidate’s town hall remarks, above.

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