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If you need to go into a business that will not allow dogs, don't worry. Now, you can "park" your dog and run your errand. 

The entrepreneur behind this temperature-controlled kennel, Chelsea Brownridge, demonstrated her idea with Brian and Anna on Fox and Friends.

The Dog Parker allows the owner to leave his or her best friend in a safe, comfortable place, rather than tying up the dog outside in cold or hot weather.

The little dog houses are being placed outside businesses like grocery or drug stores and coffee shops. But so far, you'll only find them in Brooklyn, New York, as Brownridge looks to grow her business.

She said so far, people are leaving their dogs for 10-15 minutes on average. It costs 20 cents a minute to park your dog and houses for larger dogs can also be found.

Those who sign up for membership receive a card to unlock the door.

If there is a malfunction and the door won't open for some reason, she said each unit can be unlocked with a key. 

Find out more information at DogParker.com. She said they're giving out free memberships if you live in Brooklyn.

Watch the segment below and let us know: would you use this for your dog?

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