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On "Special Report" tonight, Charles Krauthammer said that Senate Democrats like Chuck Schumer and Elizabeth Warren are being "completely hypocritical" in pushing for President Obama to immediately nominate a Supreme Court Justice following the death of Antonin Scalia.

Krauthammer said that if the circumstances were reversed and a Republican president was going to nominate a justice in the last year of his or her presidency, Democrats would be making the reverse argument.

"It's nothing but raw power. The future of the court is at stake, the future of the Scalia legacy is at stake," Krauthammer said.

He explained that whatever effect this has on the campaign trail "pales in comparison" to what would happen if Scalia were replaced by another left-wing justice like Elena Kagan.

"In the end, Republicans have to be absolutely united in the fact that they will not accept an Obama nominee, one way or the other."

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