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Jason Sturm doesn’t want to be called an inspiration.

But watching the world-champion bobsledder work out at this CrossFit Rubicon in Virginia, it’s hard not to be impressed.

Sturm lost the lower part of his leg on an Army training exercise in New York in 2002.

“Shrapnel about the size of a golf ball came through the back of my leg,” he recounted.  “It hit my fibula and acted like dynamite and blew my whole lower leg apart.”

But that hasn’t stopped Sturm from serving as a coach and vice chairman of the gym, where he helps other fellow veterans and amputees get in their daily sweat.

Retired Air Force Capt. Sarah Evans, who had her left leg amputated, is one of those veterans.

She said the facility is like a comfort zone because its members are so diverse.

Rather than seeing people look uncomfortable about her missing limb, for example, “here, we can joke about it,” she said with a smile.

Meanwhile, while Sturm said he has his highs and lows just like anyone else, he rejects the term “inspiration.”

“I want to motivate you to do something, not inspire you to feel something,” he said.

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