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One British veteran has found a unique way to forever salute his military dog.

Retired Army Sgt. Dave Heyhoe lost his cherished black Lab, Treo, last October.

Before being adopted by Heyhoe, Treo had worked by his side in Afghanistan, sniffing out explosives.

The Lab was later awarded the PDSA Dickin Medal – the highest award available to animals serving in military conflict.

His owner decided to commemorate their time together in a special tattoo, bearing Treo’s paw print, medallion number - and even his ashes.



“The tattoo completes me,” Heyhoe told The Daily Mail.

“People might think it's strange, but Treo was like a son to me … Over the years we have seen gunfire, death and bomb scares together - I've been lost without him. Now, it feels like Treo is by my side - where he's supposed to be.”



“For two weeks after, all I ever did all day was sit talking to him,” said Heyhoe.

“People must have thought I was mad at some point, because I was talking to nothing. But I wasn’t – I was talking to my boy.”

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