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Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders joined Fox News Sunday this weekend for the first time since he announced his candidacy.

The Democratic presidential candidate sat down for a wide-ranging interview with Chris Wallace to talk about his strategy for beating Hillary Clinton in the upcoming primaries, as well as the brewing debate on who should be selecting the next Supreme Court Justice.

The latest battle comes after Justice Antonin Scalia died on Saturday in Texas, fueling fresh contention over whether President Obama should be nominating a successor so late into the presidency.

Sanders pushed back against those critics today. “We want a full contingent on the United States Supreme Court. They are dealing with enormously important issues,” he said.

“The Constitution is pretty clear.  The president makes the appointment, the Senate confirms.  Let's get on with that business.”

Sanders said that while he and Justice Scalia “had very different points of view … I respect people who are willing and prepared to serve their country.”

Watch Sanders’ full interview, above.

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