Ben Carson Believes a Turnaround Is Coming in South Carolina

Trump: We Have to 'Admit' Iraq War Was A Mistake, Or Dems Will Win

Insults flew among several of the presidential candidates at Saturday's ninth GOP debate in South Carolina, bringing the discourse to new heights of bitterness - or so we thought.

Donald Trump and Jeb Bush had perhaps their biggest clash yet, this time over the Bush legacy and the Iraq War.

Trump repeatedly called Ted Cruz a “liar.”

And an exchange between Cruz and Marco Rubio suddenly became bilingual when the Florida senator suggested that he doesn’t speak Spanish.

So what was it like behind the scenes? Tucker Carlson asked Ben Carson this morning.

“Did the hostility linger onstage?”

Carson chuckled. “No,” he said.

“When the camera’s not looking at them, they engage in cordial conversation. You know, it’s largely a show. They know it,” he added.

 “I say it’s like ancient Rome,” said Carson.

“Everybody wants to go to the Coliseum, and watch the lions tearing everybody apart, while their society was crumbling around them. We’re having exactly the same phenomenon right now. And hopefully, we will wake up in time.”

Are you surprised by Carson’s response? Watch his interview above, and share your thoughts in the comments.

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