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(Warning: Video contains some profanity.)

An Idaho man who captured his son’s brush with death on camera now wants everyone to remember: never ski alone.

Winston Goss was skiing with his son Ethan on a double-Black Diamond route when his son’s jump suddenly landed him in the hole of a base of a tree.

Video from the father's strapped-on camera shows the boy shrieking in terror as he quickly became muffled under several feet of snow.

Luckily, Goss had been skiing behind him. He frantically followed his cries, and managed to haul him out to safety.

“All, I've decide to reactivate my Facebook page only to share with you ‘THE’ most frightening experience I have had as a father, and the dangers of tree wells,” Goss wrote online afterward.

“What you're about to see is a very real threat and there are many who die each year. Fortunately I was there to pull my son out.”

Both are thankfully now doing alright.

But, Goss implored his viewers, “Please, take the time to know the dangers around you. Most importantly, never ski alone.”

Watch the dramatic rescue, above.

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