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One of San Francisco's most popular public parks now has an open-air urinal. 

Wait, what? 

Claudia Cowan reported today on Happening Now that some residents are not happy about it, preferring not to see people peeing right out in the open while children play. 

The city placed the urinal, which is basically a slab of concrete with a drain and a privacy screen in front of it, in an effort to prevent people from urinating on the ground at Dolores Park.

Patrick Sullivan lives nearby and has been documenting how this idea has been playing out. 

Sullivan said last Saturday so many people were using the urinal, that "urine was dripping over" right near where people were getting off the train. 

City officials refused to talk to Cowan on camera.

But a Parks & Recreation spokesperson defended the urinal, which cost $15,000.

In a statement, Sarah Madland explained that public urination in front yards and in park bushes had become "all too common."

The Pacific Justice Institute argues that the very public potty is illegal and has threatened to sue unless it's removed.

Jon Scott and Heather Nauert wondered afterwards ... why not just build a bathroom there?


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