Larry David's Bernie Steals the Show Again as 'SNL' Mocks Hillary and MSNBC

WATCH: Highlights from 'SNL' Hosted by Donald Trump

Jimmy Fallon offered his best Bernie Sanders impersonation on "The Tonight Show" Wednesday, delivering a louder and grumpier version of the senator's New Hampshire victory speech. 

"From Fitzwilliam to Hancock, Effingham to Dixville Notch. New Hampshirites showed the world you are good and decent people even though you live in towns that sound like 18th-century porn stars," he screamed.

Though Larry David had already set the bar very high on "Saturday Night Live" in recent months, the internet seemed just as impressed with Fallon's take on the 74-year-old socialist.

Your turn to weigh in: watch Fallon's speech above and David's debate performance from October below and let us know who did it better.

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