U.S. Sailor Appears to Be Crying in New Images Broadcast in Iran

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Iran continues to act provocatively toward the United States.

Iranian state TV released images yesterday of a U.S. sailor who appeared to be crying while in detention last month.

And on top of that, a Revolution Day parade was held in Tehran in which a re-enactment of the capture was performed.

Iran had previously released images of the sailors on their knees in front of Iranian forces, along with a video of one of the sailors apologizing for entering Iranian waters.

On Outnumbered, Andrea Tantaros, Pete Hegseth, Harris Faulkner, Kennedy and Sandra Smith discussed why Iran continues to act provocatively toward the U.S.

Tantaros noted that it was "unprecedented" for the U.S. sailors to drop their weapons and surrender on their knees in a situation like this.

"Somebody had to give a stand-down order. This is the question everyone in the media should be asking and no one's asking it. Who gave the order to abandon their weapons?" she asked.

Tantaros said that, according to members of the military, "someone of authority" would have had to order the sailors to surrender.

Hegseth argued that these incidents are "the manifestation of weakness and appeasement" by the Obama administration, adding that Tehran knows it can "get away" with these provocations.

Kennedy argued that questions should also be asked about why the American vessels were in that area.

Watch the full discussion above.

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