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Parents and community members are outraged over a so-called "white guilt video" that was shown to high school students in Virginia.

"The Unequal Opportunity Race," a four-minute animated video that was shown at Glen Allen High School in Henrico, was designed as a lesson in “racial discourse” for students, according to school officials.

Now, there is backlash from those who take issue with not-so subtle references to white privilege throughout the video.

In the video, four athletes take their marks at the start of a track race. While the two white athletes immediately take off at the sound of the starting gun, the two non-white athletes must remain in the starting block while a red light blocks their path.

They are bombarded with words such as “slavery,” “broken treaties,” “genocide” and “segregation.”

The white athletes continually run around the track, getting older as their batons – marked with a money symbol – grow larger and larger. Eventually, they hand the baton off to a younger white athlete running beside them.

As the video ends, a message flashes across the screen: “Affirmative action helps level the playing field.”

School officials have defended the video as a lesson in “American history and racial discourse.”

Watch more above and see the controversial video below.

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