'I Did Not Do Well': Rubio Blames NH Result on Poor Debate Showing

Even This 600-Pound Pig Showed Up to Vote in the NH Primary

The contest for the Republican presidential nomination is increasingly becoming a "two-man race," Ted Cruz said on "The Kelly File" tonight.

Cruz said that as the field narrows down, he's seeing conservatives uniting behind his campaign, as opposed to Donald Trump's.

"If conservatives continue to unite, that's how we're going to win the nomination and also the general [election]," Cruz said.

The Texas senator also took aim at Trump's conservative credentials, including his past support for partial-birth abortion, his backing of President Obama's bailout of Wall Street and his health care plan, which is similar to Bernie Sanders'.

He asserted that Republican voters across the country want a strong, principled, conservative candidate, and that's why his campaign is surging.

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