We heard from Jeb Bush this morning on Fox and Friends following his fourth-place finish in the New Hampshire primary. 

The former Florida governor declared to his supporters last night that the Granite State had "reset the race."

Bush is hoping to continue the positive momentum in the South Carolina primary on Feb. 20, vowing to continue to directly call out Donald Trump."

“Donald Trump needs to be challenged. He’s the front-running candidate for the Republican nomination. I’m the only guy that’s challenged him. You get a lot of blow-back when you do it, but he’s not proposing any serious solutions to the problems that people face," said Bush, referring to a Trump as a "reality star" who's running on a negative platform. 

Bush garnered 11 percent of the N.H. vote, 23 points behind Trump and about 1,500 votes behind third-place Ted Cruz. 

"He’s basically saying that 'life’s bad.' Well, we get that. Now all the candidates need to be challenged about their ideas to lift people up. And Mr. Trump isn’t doing that, that’s for sure. He’s basically tearing people down. We’re never going to win the presidency with that kind of approach."

Bush said a recent Politico report, which claimed he was planning "scorched-earth" attacks on John Kasich and Marco Rubio, is a "bunch of you-know-what."

Watch the interview above and hear more from Gov. Bush on "The Kelly File," tonight at 9:00pm ET.

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