WATCH: Iran Releases Video of U.S. Sailor Apologizing During Detention

Trump Blasts Iran Nuclear Deal: 'We Know They're Going to Cheat'

Iranian state TV has released images of a U.S. sailor who appears to be crying while in detention last month. 

The images, which quickly spread on social media, purported to show one of the American servicemen wiping away tears.

Iran had previously released images of the sailors on their knees in front of Iranian forces, along with a video of one of the sailors apologizing for entering Iranian waters.

Harris Faulkner reported on Outnumbered that the new video was accompanied by "disturbing" music. 

She noted that Fox News could not immediately confirm the authenticity of the images.

The new images came out just after DNI James Clapper referred to Iran and ISIS as being part of a "litany of doom," calling Tehran "the foremost state sponsor of terrorism."

Andrea Tantaros recalled that Secretary of State John Kerry thanked the Iranians for their treatment of the detained sailors before their release.

"He thanked them for that. One of our soldiers humiliated and weeping," she said.

Tantaros said Clapper's testimony to Congress about ISIS is "incongruent" with what the White House has claimed about the fight against ISIS.

"If we allow this to go 10 more months, it will be untenable to defeat," said Tantaros, noting that ISIS is said to have the same number of fighters on the ground as one year ago.

Watch the reaction below.

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