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After former President George W. Bush featured in a recent Jeb Bush radio ad in South Carolina, Jeb joined "The Kelly File" tonight to explain why his big brother is featuring his campaign now.

He said that after six months of preliminary activity including one caucus and a primary, now "is the proper time for my brother to express his support for my candidacy."

"He's pretty popular down here in South Carolina. I'm expecting that people will appreciate seeing him and they certainly like the ad," the former Florida governor said.

Megyn Kelly pointed out that George W. Bush enjoys a 77 percent approval rating among Republicans now, and asked Bush what he thought about GOP front-runner Donald Trump calling the former president "a disaster."

Bush said that he loves his family, who have supported him in this campaign. "I'm proud of being a Bush," he said. "If Donald Trump wants to go after my brother, man, I think that won't be helpful."

He went on to say that Trump is "not a conservative -- he's someone who tries to insult his way to the nomination. He's a great entertainer...but he's not a leader."

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