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In the fourth quarter of Super Bowl 50, the Denver Broncos dramatically scored a clutch touchdown. The broadcast showed a reaction shot of Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning's family in their booth, with everyone cheering wildly... except his brother Eli.

As everyone around him celebrated, the New York Giants quarterback stared ahead blankly, looking apathetic and perhaps even slightly upset.

So why didn't Eli give high fives and cheer?

“I was just focused on whether they’d go for two, and knew the defense had to step up and make some stops,” he said in a video posted to TMZSports.

Some had speculated that Eli’s stone-faced expression - which quickly became a hilarious Internet meme - meant he was frustrated that his older brother now has the same number of Super Bowl rings.

He quickly dismissed that notion, however.

“We don’t do that,” Eli said. “That’s not what we do. Maybe you guys, your brothers do that. That’s not what we do.”

Check out some of the hilarious reactions to Manning's "Super Bowl face" below.

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