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Moments after he was declared the winner of yesterday’s New Hampshire presidential primary, Donald Trump spoke to Steve Doocy in an exclusive interview on the ground.

This morning, Trump also joined Fox and Friends to respond to his haters.

A number of liberal media outlets have been taunting the GOP front-runner and his supporters, not least with today’s front cover of The New York Daily News.


Anna Kooiman asked Trump for his reaction.

The GOP candidate appeared to shrug off the new headline, calling the Daily News “a totally failing paper” that repeatedly attempts to capitalize on “my name.”

“Look, it’s another paper that’s going down the tubes. They used my name. They do the clown thing. Every week, I’m on with a clown picture,” said Trump. 

“Maybe it sells, maybe it doesn’t sell."

Trump then also called out the paper’s owner, saying, “The owner is a guy named Mort Zuckerman, who’s got a total inferiority complex, and he has for years.”

“He’s jealous as hell,” he added.

Watch the full Fox and Friends interview above, and see more of Steve's exclusive talk with Trump in New Hampshire, below.


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