'I Did Not Do Well': Rubio Blames NH Result on Poor Debate Showing

Even This 600-Pound Pig Showed Up to Vote in the NH Primary

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump went "On The Record" tonight to sound off on the state of the 2016 race.

Trump said that after his big win in New Hampshire, he doesn't plan on making any significant changes to his strategy heading into South Carolina.

Trump said that even though The Palmetto State has many more evangelical voters than New Hampshire, he's confident that his campaign has struck a chord with voters of all backgrounds.

"We're talking about border security, we're talking about the military, the vets, things that are pretty generic to no matter where you are," Trump said. "I think the message is going to stay pretty much the same."

As for the Daily News calling his followers "mindless zombies" on the front page and a South Carolina super PAC reportedly taking aim at him, Trump said he's not concerned about being attacked.

"A lot of people have been aiming at me," Trump said. "They're all aiming at me, I guess, and that's fine."

"So far, it's only been driving my numbers up."

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