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Trump Discusses New Hampshire Primary and His Path to GOP Nomination

Martha MacCallum this morning pressed Donald Trump on a controversial issue that’s weighed heavily on the campaign trail: eminent domain.

Trump broke down his stance in a wide-ranging interview ahead of tonight’s New Hampshire presidential primary.

“Why is it okay for someone - whether it’s a private company like your company, or whether it’s a public entity – to take away somebody’s home, if they say, ‘I don’t care how much money you want to give me, this is my home, and I’m not leaving?’” Martha asked Trump.

The Republican presidential candidate explained it like this: “Here’s the thing, you wouldn’t have anything built … if it weren’t for eminent domain.”

“Every conservative wants the Keystone pipeline, but then they talk about eminent domain,” he added.

“You wouldn’t have a highway, you wouldn’t have a bridge, you wouldn’t have anything – if it weren’t for eminent domain.”

Martha pointed out that that isn’t true, as it wasn’t until only recently that eminent domain laws became a hot-button issue.

Trump said that while people who lose their property don’t necessarily “get what they wanted … they get at least fair market value.”

“Let’s put it this way. If I represented them, they would get a lot of money,” said Trump.

Watch more of the interview, above.

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