Gutfeld Calls Out Christie for Attacking Rubio, Steering Clear of Trump

Jeb Trashes Trump: 'Loser, Liar & Whiner'; Trump Hits Back: 'Pathetic, Weak'

During Marco Rubio's much-criticized debate performance over the weekend, the American people saw someone who was drowning and didn't know how to swim, Chris Christie told Neil Cavuto today.

"The fact is, you need a commander-in-chief who when the times get really tough - because they're going to get much worse than that against Hillary Clinton and even tougher than that in the Oval Office - you can't not know how to swim," Christie said.

What made you go after Rubio at this point? Cavuto asked.

"Because the media was anointing him," Christie said, explaining that he wanted to stunt the Florida senator's surge and prevent it from turning into a three-person race.

"No one is sold on Sen. Rubio anymore, so they're looking for a candidate. And we're going to go out and be that person for them."

Watch the full interview above.

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