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If you watch Fox and Friends, you know Anna Kooiman loves to have fun and is pretty much up for anything. 

She'll take one for the team...


And is never afraid to bust a move...


But how about when Anna's away from the couch?

We caught up with the high-energy host and here's what she shared with us...

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1. I grew up in the Queen City – Charlotte, NC.

The people are so great in North Carolina. I'm proud of my home state.

I am a Southern girl. I love to eat bacon and biscuits... but I hate fried chicken and sweet tea. Can you believe it?!

Cowboy boots were a staple at football games. But I prefer sand between my toes, so I went to college at the beach, at UNC-Wilmington. I graduated college in three years as an honor student, and got my first TV reporting gig while still in school at the age of 20.

2.      My best friend in the world is a 100-pound yellow Lab - my Baxter Bear.

Baxter has moved all over with me, from Ohio back home to Charlotte and now New York. He is still spoiled rotten, but very well behaved. I'm a strict mama!

Baxter was even a groomsman in my wedding this past summer.

(Courtesy/Roey Yohai Photography)

He wore a bowtie and escorted my maid of honor down the aisle at New York's Central Park Boathouse.

(Courtesy/Roey Yohai Photography)

I call Baxter my polar bear, because when he was a puppy, he was snow white with a dark black nose.

Now, he is more like livestock. Massive. Just check my Facebook and Twitter pages. Can't miss him!

3.      My husband, Tim, is from Bondi Beach, Australia.

We met while he was on a trip with some Kiwi buddies during the weekend of Hurricane Sandy.

We did long distance for about a year and a half, globetrotting for each date. Then he moved here to see if our relationship worked when we weren't on vacation!

My husband and I are both adventurous and love to travel. He has a zest for life like nobody I have ever known.

Our travels have taken us all over the USA, to Greece, Croatia, England, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Italy, Austria and Australia.

We are fascinated by different cultures - hints why we are drawn to each other! So I think we will be getting a lot more stamps in our passports in the future.


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4.      I am a fitness fanatic.

I ran track at UNCW, and have completed several triathlons and four marathons - Boston, New York, Charlotte and Toledo! (My personal record - 3:27:22.) 

While racing, I helped to raise tens of thousands of dollars for one of my favorite military charities: Folds of Honor.


Since I host on the weekends, I haven't been racing as often. But I hope to get back into it more competitively at some point down the line.


In what feels like a former life, I used to teach up to 10 fitness classes a week. That was when I lived in Charlotte and hosted a 4-hour weekday morning show called "Fox News Rising."

My favorite class to teach was called Turbo Kick – a cross between hip-hop dancing and kickboxing. It was such a blast!

Now living in NYC, I'm mostly into Soul Cycle and Barry's Bootcamp.

5.      I love to cook healthy food for the people I love.

Especially by New York standards, where the takeaway and food delivery culture is strong! Like many Southerners, I show my love for my husband, family, friends, and coworkers with food.

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And I (almost) always try to put a healthy spin on the dish – mixing in more nutrient-dense ingredients and taking out the carbs and fat.

My favorite unhealthy thing to eat? My mother's carrot cake. Cream cheese icing. Shut the gate! It's so delicious.

I have baked it several times, but I'm convinced she has a secret ingredient she won't share.

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