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Passersby rushed to the aid of a family of three after seeing their car get swallowed by a gigantic, reportedly 16-foot-wide sinkhole in Peru.

Those heart-pounding moments have been captured on film by other witnesses who gathered on the street, Fox and Friends showed Monday morning.

The giant sinkhole appeared underneath the family’s car seemingly without any warning, as they drove through the city of Trujillo, The Daily Mail reported.

Inside the vehicle were a couple and their two-year-old daughter.

Footage shows the car was turned completely on its head and leaning against the edge of the gigantic sinkhole.

Strangers frantically dropped down to the ground and reached out with a rope to help the family clamber back to safety.

The incident is now said to have been caused by heavy rain in the local area.

Watch the harrowing scene, above.

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