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Hot off his big win in Iowa, Ted Cruz told tonight Sean Hannity tonight that he expects another strong performance in tomorrow's New Hampshire primary.

He said that the governors in the 2016 race - John Kasich, Chris Christie and Jeb Bush - have focused their attacks on Marco Rubio because they are in a contest to gain the support of the moderate wing of the Republican Party.

"I think they have assessed that, in their view, New Hampshire is going to be 'Moderate-A-Palooza,' that it is a battle to see who will be the prevailing moderate," Cruz said.

He said he expects a good result in The Granite State, but he's also excited about South Carolina, Nevada and Super Tuesday "SEC primary" on March 1.'

"I think we're positioned to have an amazing day on Super Tuesday, and I think the reason why you saw the moderates all fighting and fighting with Marco Rubio is one of them is going to come out as the lead moderate."

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