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On "The Kelly File" tonight, Marco Rubio responded to criticisms that his performance at Saturday's Republican debate was a "malfunction" or "unmasking."

Over the course of the debate, Rubio said five times that President Obama "knows exactly what he's doing," and got called out by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for the alleged scripted responses.

Rubio said the people who criticized him are the ones "that cover politics on a daily basis," and he's not looking to impress them. Meanwhile, he said, his campaign raised more money after this debate than any other.

When asked by Megyn Kelly about repeating himself, Rubio said it's the only way he knows how to get his message across.

"That was a two-hour debate. We were asked questions on all sorts of things and the answers were different for all of them. This is what I deeply believe. I know of no other way to describe it other than the fact that this president is undertaking a systematic effort to redefine the role of government in our country, and the role of America in the world. He's literally trying to change America. And if Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clintion wins, it's going to become permanent. That's what this campaign is a lot about for me. And I'm going to continue to say that, because I believe that passionately."

Megyn asked if the repetition happened as a result of a "system by which you memorize answers" or just from repeating the same answers on the campaign trail. Rubio said that part of it might have been from answering the same questions over and over, "but in the end, it's what I believe."

"Every word I say in my campaign are things that I believe."

Rubio said that he's proven he can talk about substance when he's had to answer questions about Syria, his pro-life stance and a host of other topics.

Watch the full interview above.

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