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Twenty-year Army veteran James Huff wasn’t about to sit around when he woke up one morning to find his truck stolen.

Huff, a former Army Sergeant who says he served three tours of duty overseas, took to his front lawn to let all his neighbors know about the thief.

A 4x8 plywood sign now reads:

“To the worthless dirtbag that took my truck

I gave 20 years of my life serving in 3 armed conflicts to protect YOUR freedom.

A freedom you pissed away when you stole what I earned. I hope your mother sees this so she knows YOU STOLE FROM A SOLDIER!”

“If they get caught their freedoms are gone, freedoms that I fight to give them,” Huff told Fox 4.


Huff’s neighbor agreed that the crook should be ashamed.

“He was a veteran, I mean, that’s just wrong,” said Daren Barron.

“He went and fought in wars, and you’re going to take something from him like that that he earned? No, that’s just wrong.”

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