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With the New Hampshire primary right around the corner, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump joined Sean Hannity to preview the important swing-state vote and the next steps for his campaign.

Trump pointed out that he has a double-digit lead in The Granite State in every poll, and he feels very positive about how the primary will go.

After that, he said, he's looking forward to primaries in South Carolina, Nevada and then Super Tuesday - or the "SEC primary" - on March 1.

"By that time, I think people are going to know what's happening," Trump said, predicting that the GOP nominee will likely be determined at that time or soon after.

He said he doesn't predict a brokered Republican Convention, despite the fact that many people have been discussing that in the hotly-contested GOP primary.

"I think that's people trying to make money through punditry," Hannity remarked.

Watch more from "Hannity" above.

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