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Dr. Ben Carson got off to a hilariously awkward start at last night’s GOP debate held in New Hampshire.

As each candidate was announced, Carson evidently didn’t hear his name – and proceeded to wait patiently, behind the wings.


At one point, a crew member tried to usher Carson out.


But then Ted Cruz was called, leading a confused Carson to step aside.


It happened again, next with Donald Trump.


And so on.

Finally, moderators realized the fumble backstage, and called out, “Dr. Ben Carson, please come out on the stage. He's standing there, as well. Dr. Carson.”

Tucker Carlson said on Fox and Friends Weekend this morning that Carson’s slip-up “didn’t bother him at all.”

Once he did get onstage, the retired neurosurgeon played off his rocky entrance, joking, “I thought maybe you thought already I had dropped out.”

It “was a perfect Carson moment,” Mary Katharine Ham said.

Watch the moment, above.

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