WATCH: Ben Carson Got Off to a Rocky Start at Saturday's GOP Debate

'It's Do or Die Time': Hannity Panel Breaks Down the Polls Ahead of NH

Pundits have been giving their take on who won the GOP debate in New Hampshire, and we watched Twitter this weekend so you didn’t have to.

Among some of the more memorable moments seen on Saturday night:

- Chris Christie took a swipe at Marco Rubio for “memorizing” his talking points

- Rubio fired back at the Garden State governor for his handling of New Jersey during the recent snowstorm

- Donald Trump told Jeb Bush to be quiet, and got booed

- Ted Cruz apologized to Ben Carson for misleading Iowan caucus-goers about Carson’s status in the race

- Carson had an awkward slip-up in his introduction before making it onstage

Who do you think came out on top, and who do you think fell flat? See critics’ live responses ahead of the upcoming New Hampshire Primary, and share your thoughts with us on Twitter @FoxNewsInsider.

See Fox News' complete roundup of the GOP debate highlights here, and don't miss FNC's next Republican presidential debate on Thursday, March 3rd from Detroit.

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