Sheriff Clarke: 'Obama's Support of Black Lives Matter Is Based on Lies'

Sheriff Clarke: Obama, Hillary, Dems Are 'Anti-Gun Bigots'

He was arrested during the riots in Ferguson, Missouri, and led the notorious protests that left Baltimore up in flames.

Now, DeRay Mckesson – the activist who led Black Lives Matter protests against the police – is running for mayor of Baltimore, saying that he hopes to increase public accountability for the police and limit their overall use of force.

But Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke had a strong message for Mckesson this morning on Fox and Friends Weekend.

“If Deray Mckesson wants to make Baltimore a better city, he can do that by packing up and leaving. It would become a better city the next day,” he said.

Sheriff Clarke called Mckesson “a professional riot-starter” and “troublemaker” for what he termed the “Black Lies Matter movement.”

“His platform is that he wants to destroy another great American city, much like he did when he was down there rabble-rousing in Ferguson, Missouri,” he said.

If Baltimore voters “want to turn that city around and resurrect it, they should run as far and fast as they can away from Deray Mckesson,” the sheriff added.

Watch Sheriff Clarke’s full interview with Anna and Clayton, above.

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